SQL server is software. In this server each and every installation process is called as an instance which can used to run the set of window service. This services can run to privilege the window service account. In this blog, you can get the latest features which can build SQL server community. This update contains many detailed links. The following is the new update of this month. SQL server course will be very helpful in developing the career.

Database Engine

This engine statistic is generally used to optimize the query to make the reference with the memory optimization table. The major mechanism is to gather all statistic. This will deals the voluminous data with efficient. With this latest update you can compile all the modules with better support. Output clause be used with INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements.

Stretch Database includes the following features

  • Can Add, Alter and Drop the columns on stretch enabled tables.
  • Can create, alter and drop indexes.
  • You can enable the Transparent Data Encryption on the remote Azure SQL database, this wizard is used to create the database with default 10 TB of storage.
  • You can enable the Transparent Data Encryption on the remote SQL database.
  • Stretch database to provide full support for point in time restore. After you restore your SQL server database the point in time to reauthorize the connection to the remote SQL Database.
  • The option is to use the federate service account for server communication with remote database server.
  • The option is to un migrate the data in stretching the database with no longer requirements. This gives more information to unmigrate the remote data.
  • Enable database for stretch wizard includes many requirements.
    • Select database table page, the wizard identifies the tables which have blocking issues. You can search the table and can sort the list of tables with various columns. You can select some historical table.
    • Configure azure development page, this will support both the sql server and active directory authentication. You can use federate service account of SQL server to communicate the remote database while meeting certain conditions.
    • Enable Network Settings page, detect IP and subnet range of the SQL server.
    • Result Page, provides information about azure cost and pricing.

Foreign key relationship limit- This table can refer a maximum table with columns as foreign keys. SQL server technology increase the limit for the number of other table with reference column.

Server Property- This is to add Server Property (Transact SQL)

Integration Service

SSIS as already support the encrypted feature in SQL server.

  • SSIS will always Encrypted
  • Lookup transformation with Always Encrypted

The following components have been update to provide the entire Compatiblity. There is no functionality and no changes in behavior.

  • ODBC source and destination
  • CDC control task, source and Splitter Transformation

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