We are the leading MSBI Training in Chennai  with experienced IT professional trainers. Trainers are currently working in IT companies with 5+ years of experience and technical support is provided by our trainers throughout 1 year. Excellent infrastructure and feasible cost are available in our institute. Best quality of MSBI training is provided and students placed in top MNC’S company after completed their training course. MSBI certificate will provide which is very useful for the students to get job in IT field and this MSBI Training is offered for both fresher and working professionals.


MSBI helps to provide best solutions for business intelligence and data mining queries. It enables the user to extract the information for better decision making in an organization. Different tools are provided by MSBI for different processes which are required in business intelligence solutions. MSBI consists of three modules namely, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services.

Transforming data into information is a technique of business intelligence. This data information helps to make immediate decision. Business intelligence technologies having capability to handle large amounts of unstructured data and they create new strategic business opportunities.


Microsoft offers some tools which is necessary for transformation of data into information and it can be uses with the interface of visual studio. Business intelligence was renamed as SQL Server data tools with the release of SQL Server 2012.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Microsoft provide ETL tool which is named as SSIS and it is a platform for building high performance data integration. We can access the data from various locations and various formats and save the data into the centralized data repository. The data which are stored in repository are termed as data warehousing. Building and debugging packages use the graphical tools which are included in SSIS.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Traditional and interactive reports delivered over the web or through custom applications are supported by SSRS. Various data models like two dimensional and multi-dimensional are also supported by MSBI. Retrieve data from different source, web based access to reports, easy subscriptions options and easy functionality with lots of formats are the features of SSRS.

SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS)

Conversion of two dimensional data into multidimensional data model is known as SSAS and helps to analyze the large volume of data. Multidimensional analysis, score board, good performance, security and key performance indicator are the advantages of SSAS.

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